Where should I plant succulents?

For outdoor planting, pick a location that has great drainage and meets the Recommended Light Conditions listed on our website for each succulent variety you plant. In general, most succulents prefer filtered sun or afternoon shade when temperatures exceed 80F.


  • Avoid low-lying areas and heavy, clay soil; succulents do not tolerate standing water
  • Avoid spots exposed to heavy rain or runoff from roofs and gutters
  • Plant in a gritty, well-draining soil like sandy loam
  • If your soil is not well-draining, you can amend it by adding 50% coarse sand by volume and building raised berms or beds


  • Refer to the Recommended Light Conditions listed to the right of each plant's description on our website
  • For partial sun, pick locations with morning sun and afternoon shade
  • Plant on the north side of deciduous trees to give plants more shade in the summer and more sun in the winter

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