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Succulents and rocks are a natural pairing. Rock garden succulents make it easy to grow a low-maintenance, water efficient garden that pops with color all year long. These varieties flourish in partial to full sun and can grow big and beautiful outdoors. Use the filters to the left to find plants hardy in your Grow Zone, then mix and match the perfect colors, shapes, and textures for your landscape.

Whether it's small or large, hardy or soft, a rock garden would be incomplete without succulents. These drought-tolerant beauties thrive in the small crevices of boulders and sport colorful foliage year-round. Some even show their best colors in winter.

Sempervivum Rock Garden

If possible, find a location with morning sun and afternoon shade for your rock garden. This will prevent Succulent Sunburn on hot afternoons and lessen how often you need to irrigate. When it comes to soil, focus on drainage. Mound boulders and gritty soil into berms; the added height improves drainage, prevents rot, and creates visual interest. Finish off the berm with a Top Dressing, e.g. decomposed granite, pea gravel, or chicken grit, to keep soil and water off the leaves of the succulents.

Cold Hardy Rock Garden

Now you're ready to plant. Use the filters to select the right varieties for your light and climate. If you get winter temperatures below freezing, you’ll want to use Hardy Succulents. Let your creativity run wild and experiment mixing textures or clustering complementary colors.

Succulent Rock Garden

All succulents are drought-tolerant, but the amount of water they need varies based on the environmental conditions of your rock garden. Many rock gardens need only rainwater, but those in hot, dry climates with rapid drainage may need irrigation in the spring and summer. Use our Complete Guide to Watering Succulents to learn how to tell if your plants need more or less frequent watering.

And that's it! With little maintenance, you can enjoy watching your succulents produce offsets, sprout blooms, and change colors with the seasons.

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