Too much sun: symptoms & solutions

Symptoms of Too Much Sun

  • Color: Pigments will look washed out and bleached
  • Burns: Leaves eventually get blotchy burns in white, yellow, or brown
  • Texture: Over-exposure is often accompanied by signs of desiccation e.g. wrinkled, scaly, or crispy leaves
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  • Refer to each plant's Recommended Light Conditions to the right of its description on our site and place accordingly
  • When moving or transplanting, take a full two weeks to gradually transition plants into brighter light
  • Protect from full sun when temperatures exceed 85F
  • Plant outdoor succulents in locations that get afternoon shade
  • Keep low-light varieties in full shade or indoors away from sunny windows


  • Move plants into lower light conditions or position shade cloth above them
  • Increase watering frequency slightly and water during the coolest parts of the day
  • Dark burns will not disappear, but burnt leaves will eventually fall off to be replaced with new growth

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