Going soft, translucent yellow, and mushy

As succulents grow or adjust to new conditions, they shed their older, lower leaves. Often these leaves are dry and crispy, but in some conditions a plant will have a "wet shed" of mushy lower leaves.

If, however, you notice top or center leaves becoming mushy, translucent, and yellow, the leaves are likely rotting from too much water. In this case, utilize the strategies below to save the rest of the plant from rot.

Fixing an Over-Watered Succulent

  • Immediate reduce watering frequency and allow soil to fully dry out
  • Move into a location with slightly more sunlight and good ventilation
  • Remove leaves that are already mushy and translucent
  • If problem persists, remove plant from soil, allow to dry 3-5 days, and re-plant in gritty, well-draining soil in a pot with a drainage hole

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