Getting dark spots

Possible Causes of Dark Spots (and Solutions)

  • Rot: over-watered succulents will eventually get darky, mushy patches; let soil fully dry, reduce watering frequency, and ensure that pots and soil are well-draining
  • Sunburn: extreme sunburns will turn black permanently; protect from direct sun and water deeply in the early morning to encourage healthy growth to replace burnt leaves
  • Edema: over-watered plants get corklike bumps; water less frequently and check that your succulent is in well-draining pots and soils
  • Salt burns: could be from high concentrations of fertilizers or mineral-heavy water; stop fertilizing and use distilled water or rainwater
  • Fungus: prevent the growth of fungus by allowing soil to fully dry; consider repotting in containers with drainage holes and gritty, well-draining soil
  • Scale: hard-shelled, sucking insects that look like small, dark bumps; gently scrape off or spray with 70% isopropyl alcohol

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