Becoming limp, wrinkly, or crispy

As succulents grow or adjust to new conditions, their older, lower leaves become dry and crispy and will eventually fall off. This is a natural growth process and you can remove dry lower leaves by hand without harming the plant.

If, however, you notice top or center leaves becoming limp, wrinkled, and dry, the leaves are likely wilting from too little water. Fortunately, succulents are very drought tolerant and will quickly recover if you employ the strategies below.

Fixing an Under-Watered Succulent

  • Water deeply and more frequently (you may have to adjust leaves to ensure water reaches soil)
  • Water during a cool part of the day, early morning or evening
  • Protect from direct sun, particularly when temperatures exceed 80F
  • Remove leaves that are already dry and crispy
  • Add a light-colored gravel top dressing

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