Where should I keep / grow my succulents?

Refer to each variety's description on our online catalog to find its Cold Hardiness and Recommended Light Conditions. The Cold Hardiness rating will tell you the minimum temperature and USDA hardiness zone that the plant can tolerate. Protect the plant from frost if the hardiness zone is 9 or 10. The Recommended Light Conditions will help you determine where to place the plant indoors or outdoors.

All varieties should be gradually transitioned into direct sun after shipping in a dark box. For indoor succulents, place plants in a sunny room or under a grow light. Watch for stretching, greening, or fading, as this indicates that a plant needs more light. For outdoor succulents, take two weeks to slowly move the plants from full shade, to filtered sun, and then to direct sun (if desired). An outdoor succulent that is not given enough time to acclimate to brighter sunlight can start to look washed out and eventually develop brown sunburns, particularly when temperatures exceed 80F.

For more information, please refer to the full guide, Using Sunlight to Getting Colorful Succulents.

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