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The following information is included in every package.

Unpack Plants Immediately

  • Use caution to avoid breaking leaves; beware of any cacti or other prickly plants.
  • The crinkle paper and carboard packing materials are recyclable.
  • Loose soil on the foliage can easily be removed with a light brushing or watering.
  • Any stretched or faded plants will recover when gradually transitioned into brighter light.
  • Unwanted leaves can simply be pulled off at any time.
  • If pots came in a plastic carrier tray, remove pots from tray within a few days.
  • Plants can be planted immediately or left to grow in their original plastic pots up to 2-4 weeks.

Water if Soil is Dry

  • Drench from above in the sink or with garden hose.
  • Tilt gently to remove droplets from leaves.
  • Allow container to drain completely.

Protect from Heavy Rain, Extreme Temperatures, and Full Sun (in Summer)

  • Give plants 4-7 days to recover from shipping in a bright indoor location or outdoors in part / filtered sun.
  • If planting in full sun in summer, keep outdoors in part / filtered sun for up to 2 weeks before transitioning to full sun. More info

Indoor Use

  • Place succulents in a sunny location or under a grow light.
  • Stretching, greening, and fading may occur if plants do not receive enough light.

Outdoor Use

  • Hardy succulents grow best outdoors; soft succulents grow well outdoors in summer or year-round in warm climates.
  • Tags include hardiness rating; refer to our website for recommended light conditions.

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