Pots for succulents: a complete guide

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We recommend using containers with drainage holes and drilling holes in the bottom of non-draining containers. It is possible to grow succulents in non-draining containers but they require more caution to avoid over-watering and rot. Adding rocks to the bottom of a non-draining pot is not recommended; it actually creates pockets of water and makes root rot even more likely. We recommend adding a saucer if you want to keep water off the surface beneath your succulent container.


  • Minimum pot size for most of our succulents is 2.5" diameter.
  • Choose larger containers (4"+) for arrangements or if you want to give your succulents room to grow. Using smaller containers will give an instantly filled-in look, but you may have to repot sooner due to fix an overgrown or root-bound container.
  • For outdoor potted succulents, try to use extra wide and deep containers so that there is more soil to insulate to roots from winter freezes.
  • Extra-large pots can be heavy and difficult to move; to make them lighter, add empty, sealed, disposable water bottles to the bottom of the pot, then fill with soil and plant.
  • Succulent too small for the pot? You can add soil around the edges and cover it with a top dressing for a finished look
  • Succulent too large for the pot? You can gently knock soil off the roots to get the plant to fit without damaging it


  • Clay / terracotta: great for succulent as they breathe and dry quickly, though terracotta can build up minerals and salts that need to be brushed away.

  • Glazed ceramic: available in beautiful colors, but not as breathable as terracotta; check for a drainage hole

  • Plastic: lightweight, durable, and a great option if it has drainage holes

  • Hypertufa: it's easy to make your own outdoor containers with this lightweight, porous cement; it's ideal for hardy succulents

  • Wood: nice, breathable material but can crack over time from wetting and drying cycles

  • Glass: offers no drainage and easily breakable, but gives planting a nice terrarium look

  • Metal: not breathable, rusts over time, and can overheat roots in direct sun

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